Aside from the deck of cards, the chips have an important part to play in a poker game. For obvious reasons, without the chips, the player simply cannot enter the table and join the poker match. These poker chips are the equivalent of your hard-earned money during the game, so it is important that you make sure to accumulate more chips than losing them to your opponents in the best of your gambling abilities and skills.

A minimum of seven players can start a game of poker, and this usually requires at least 200 poker chips for the rest of the match. Most of the time, the color white, or the one with the lightest shade marks the chip with the lowest value. The dye of the poker chip tells the amount of value it possesses.

One can just wonder if these poker chips were already in use in the earlier times. You would think that these chips are as grand as precious gems that players should be extra careful in handling them.

The History Of Poker Chips: From Clay To Plastic

Using gaming chips instead of actual money makes the poker match more organized and easier to follow. Also, it reduces the risk of rowdy behavior in the table wherein players would think about robbing each other of their money on the spot. For this reason, gaming chips have been produced from a wide range of cheap materials. When gambling was first discovered, chips were made to keep track of the gamblers’ winnings. In this period (1880s), poker chips were actually made of clay.

Through time, clay poker chips were replaced by clay composite and acrylic composite chips. Although, for the early century poker players, the quality and appearance of the chips really did not matter. Any small object with low value can be used as poker chips. Some people would use jagged gold or wooden pieces as poker chips.

By the 20th century, poker players developed a sense of style and formality, and the chips being used in the game were made to appear more uniform. The edges of the chips were smoothened, although some players found the need to have engraved slits in the sides of the chips so that they can be stacked together easily.  In the 1940s, a cheaper but more durable poker chip made of plastic material became more prominent in casinos.

It is true that times are changing so fast. From the tangible poker chips, we are now going with virtual poker chips with the rise of online casino websites. For one, situs judi online provides you with the best entertainment while safely gambling in your own home. In this case, it is much easier to keep track of everyone’s winning, and no one can make an attempt to steal their opponent’s respective poker chips.



Post Author: Brande Franny