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In this tutorial shares precious metals and commodities trading works the two most popular precious metals are gold and silver ofen those two precious metals along with the most of the commodities are traded to money. Online trading rates with precious metals and commodities in general...

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How To Convert Your Precious Gold To Ready Cash

Gold continues to be seen as the most lucrative investment. Many people have gold in various forms at home and do not know how to sell it. An instruction. If you want to convert your precious gold to money, you have several options. On top of precious metal traders, there are also many online traders who are committed to buying gold.

Follow the steps below to get the best price out of your precious metals.

Find out what is the gold content of your items

The more precise the gold content of the item, the easier it is to get a good sales price. The value of gold bars and coins is generally straightforward and clear. However, when it comes to jewelry, checking the engravings are helpful. Typical gold parts are 333, 585 and 750, each of which roughly denotes the weight part in parts per thousand.

Use comparison portals

The first overview of current purchase prices for common bars and coins is available on price comparison portals. The items can be sold there without any major risk.

Purchase prices for old gold can also be found on comparison portals. For the query, however, the gold content in the piece of jewelry must be known. In addition, it can do no harm to obtain price information from the local dealer. A price of around 20 euros per gram can be obtained for 585 old gold.

Consult with the expert

If the gold content is not shown or the engraving has become illegible over the years, it becomes more difficult to determine exact gold content. Usually, the only thing left to do is go to a specialist to have the fine gold content of the valuable object determined. Depending on the effort involved, testing, certification and melting down can cost up to 15 percent of the gold value. This is not a little, but in many cases, it can hardly be avoided.

Selling online or at a trusted precious metal dealer?

Whether an online platform or established precious metal trader, where you should sell your gold depends on the item. Bars and coins, for example, have a fixed gold content and can, therefore, be sold relatively risk-free on the Internet. Trustworthy online buyers are often a member of the professional association of the German coin trade and offer a pick-up service for the goods. But be careful: the costs for this vary greatly from retailer to retailer. Therefore, gold owners should definitely keep an eye on the total price.

However, there are no standardized gold values ​​for jewelry and medals. Therefore, gold sellers should run on two tracks and get prices online as well as from a larger resident precious metal trader. However, the local trader may apply discounts because he has to pass on the gold to melt it down.

Selling gold tax-free

In some instances, the sale of old gold does not even have to be taxed. The decisive factor is how long the item is going to be sold and that the sale does not exceed the exemption limit from private sale transactions. However, this is quickly reached with 600 euros. The proceeds from a flea market sale and a standard gold coin can be too much within a year to be tax-free.

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