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In this tutorial shares precious metals and commodities trading works the two most popular precious metals are gold and silver ofen those two precious metals along with the most of the commodities are traded to money. Online trading rates with precious metals and commodities in general...

Latest Articles – Look For The Right Insurance

The insurance market is full of various types of insurance which allows people to insure or protect pretty much anything or anyone, whether it’s your car, real estate property, your home, your health, or also your life. However, with the numerous insurance companies in the market and insurance plans they offer, you will have to make certain that you get the right one with the right coverage at a reasonable price.

Looking For The Right Insurance Coverage At An Affordable Rate

To help you with this task, there are companies dedicated to making your search much easier., for example, helps renters find the right coverage for a renters insurance. As shopping around could be a lengthy task, the site could help you locate the best insurance provider with the best coverage and rate. In doing so, you not only stay within your budget, but also make certain that you have the protection you need in the event the unexpected happens.

While there is a policy on landlord’s insurance, this isn’t enough to give you the protection you need as it only covers the owner of the property from financial losses associated with rental properties, covering the building as well as the choice to insure the contents within the property belonging to the landlord, but not your possessions. A renters insurance is much more as it covers your belongings, replacements or repairs after damage or loss because of theft or unintentional damage and could also cover you if you meet an accident within your rented residence.

Insuring Precious Metals, Stones and Jewelries

As mentioned, there are many types of insurance in the market that offers coverage for almost anything or anyone. The world is filled with uncertainties, hence security as well as the right insurance policy are crucial and necessary to protect not only yourself, your family but also your valuable assets like precious metals. There is a particular type of insurance that provides coverage for the extraordinary valuation of precious metals, precious stones and jewelries. These items are small but exceptionally valuable, therefore should be insured, whether it is located in your home or at your place of work.

What are Precious Metals, Stones and Gems

Typically, precious metals are pure gold or silver bullion, however could similarly refer to rare metals as well like palladium, platinum, rhodium and more, whether in purr quality bullion, bars or coins. On the other hand, precious gems and stones would typically refer to emeralds, ruby, jade, not to mention diamonds and much more. As these metals and stones are extremely valuable, it is imperative that you get some kind of protection from damage or loss due to theft and unexpected tragedies and disasters.

Trade Gold As An Investment In Times Of Crisis

For thousands of years, the precious metal has been the epitome of luxury and prosperity. Gold has long been owned not only by the nobles and the rich but also by millions of ordinary people, for example as a wedding ring or piece of jewelry. In times of crisis, gold is also in demand as an investment. Since gold trading is mostly about large values, the industry attracts fraudsters. So if you want to buy or sell gold, you should be careful and be well informed.

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Gold is not just gold: Pay attention to the alloy

The value of gold depends crucially on its quality. In practice, there is no pure gold. Even the highest quality bars, so-called fine gold, contain a small amount of other substances. In many cases, metals such as nickel, silver, zinc, or copper are deliberately fused with gold, for example, to change their hardness and malleability. The gold content in these so-called alloys corresponds to the weight percentage per mille and is stamped into the gold piece. For example, if a ring is embossed with “333”, 333 out of 1,000 parts by weight are made of pure gold – 33.3 grams out of 100 grams total. Common gold alloys are also 585, 750, and 900. The purest fine gold is 999.9. Refiners can separate alloys again and thus produce bars from melted jewelry.

Gold prices are subject to price fluctuations

The gold price is constantly being re-determined on stock exchanges and is often given in US dollars per troy ounce (31.1 grams). So German investors have to take the exchange rate into account. From 2010 to 2020the gold price per troy ounce increased from around 800 to 1,700 euros – albeit with strong fluctuations. For precious metal dealers, only the pure gold price counts. If you want to sell jewelry there, you only get the material value. Jewelry dealers usually give a little more because they also take into account the processing of the gold. Those who buy new jewelry also pay significantly more than the pure gold price.

Investors buy gold bars or gold coins

Investors who do not want to wear gold as jewelry are best invested in coins or bars. Common weights are 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100 or 1,000 grams and, especially for coins, 1 troy ounce (oz). The larger the bar, the cheaper the price per gram. Nevertheless, it can make sense to buy several small bars, for example, if you only want to sell part of the gold later. Coins are a bit more expensive in relation to their weight, but in some cases have additional collector value.

Buy and sell gold

Buying and selling gold is a matter of trust. Laypeople can hardly tell whether the gold offered is a real precious metal. Supposedly cheap offers can therefore become a flop. Gold should only be bought from banks, refineries, or reputable dealers. Caution is also advised when selling. Some buyers pay prices well below their true value. Sellers and buyers can quickly find out about the current gold price on the Internet. Comparison portals name the prices of various dealers. To do this, the alloy and the weight of the gold must be known.

Is it worth investing in gold?

Investing in gold is a bet on future price developments. Nobody can reliably predict how and when the gold price will rise or fall. In contrast to other investments – for example in stocks or time deposits – gold does not generate any ongoing returns. The profit can only be in the increase in value, a total loss is however impossible with physically available gold. In addition, there are costs with every purchase and sale, as well as with safekeeping, for example in a safe deposit box. Experts advise not to invest more than five to ten percent of your assets in gold.


Investing in Precious Metals amidst a Pandemic

Although nearly all nations are in lockdown and most of us are in the comfort of our own homes, Financial markets continue to operate with amazing results and so, now is still the perfect time to invest on Precious Metals.

It’s great to navigate through Precious Metal investing ideas since it provides an opportunity for outside returns even amidst everything that is happening around us in recent times.

It doesn’t take much to move stocks like these and still financial investors are engaging in such spaces. Precious metals, having intrinsic value, offer unique inflationary protection since they cannot be inflated and carry no credit risk.

Are Precious Gems Good Investment?

When we hear the word precious metals we also connect this to a good investment. Precious metals like gold, diamonds, or rubies are always expensive and on-demand. Countries owning precious metals consider these valuable and good assets of its government. In several instances, they may decrease in price given certain economic occurrences. Despite this, it still holds its value and does not depreciate.

Finding value in unique gems and using them as investments

Precious metals have properties that are important in different industries. Thus, a good investment. Many see its importance in the field of electronics, jewelry, and nuclear energy. Many investors see its good return on their investments. So many may find precious stones an important asset.

Precious Metals You don’t know the Use for Until Now

When it comes to the subject of precious metals, you will probably think that Gold and Silver tops the list. The fact is, we’re not even scratching the surface of which precious metal is the most valued.


To give you a quick example, Rhodium hits a new record for it trades north of 13,000 dollars per troy ounce. But what’s the future for this asset?

Perhaps to a layperson, rhodium is a strange material. But quietly, it’s among the biggest trades any trader can be in right now. That is after the material sees a price surge of above 30 percent this year. This material is being used as a catalytic converter, a part of the exhaust system of any vehicles which is responsible for reducing pollutants and toxic gas emissions. As per S&P Global Platts, about 80 percent of demand for palladium and rhodium is contributed by the automotive industry worldwide.

Luckily, South Africa has at least 80 percent of all the materials mined within its border.

One reason why the price had a big jump was because of its rarity. Yearly production for rhodium is averaging at 30 tons. To put it in context, it is like gold miners digging up between 2,500 and 3,000 tons.


This can be considered as Rhodium’s little brother. Believe it or not, palladium is rarer than platinum and it is being used in bigger quantities for catalytic converters. As a matter of fact, the demand for metals that are used as catalytic converters is forecasted to grow steadily, mainly because of the consistent growth of automotive sales in Asian. Thing is, the increase of electric vehicles that don’t use catalytic converters may hamper palladium’s demand and price.


Part tradition and part durability, gold is one of the versatile commodities the world has. Used mostly in jewelry but many don’t know that gold also plays a vital part across aerospace and electronics because of its conductivity and durability. You may not see it, but gold is everywhere.

Gold Ingots

Almost every society in the world both in the past and today used gold in different purposes like currency, symbol of wealth, power or prestige. Whether it’s awards, wedding rings or money, there is the presence of gold.

If you are thinking of making an investment, then these precious metals may just save you. However, if you’re thinking of other alternatives, you may check out crypto market marketing. While cryptocurrencies are not tangible assets as what mentioned above, it can yield high return if done right.

An Overview: Pawn Your Jewelry

If you need cash quickly but don’t want to take out a bank loan, you can easily get cash through a car title loan (, or you can bring valuable items to the pawnshop. Customers receive money there without a credit check and no repayment obligation – that’s how the pawnshops advertise.

How a Pawn Loan Works

Mostly it is people who do not get a loan from the bank who pawns valuable jewelry and other valuable items. For example, start-ups, freelancers, and the self-employed who could offer little security. In contrast to the bank, there is no credit check at the pawnbroker – in addition to the valuables, customers only have to present their ID and possibly a proof of ownership. There is already money.

Loans between 10,000 euros and 30,000 euros are not uncommon. The average loan is around 300 euros. Basically, customers can lend everything that is movable. In addition to expensive cars, designer handbags and belts and watches are also very popular. There is usually little money for electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, or televisions. The reason: the rapid decline in value.

Important to know: Tools or company cars are not available during the contract period. So customers cannot use them to execute orders. The objects rest unused in the depository of the pawnbroker. However, the majority of people bring jewelry.

How much money there is for Grandma’s gold chain is usually based on the daily precious metal price. The following applies to other items: the amount depends, among other things, on the resale value of the items – the pawnshop estimates this. The customer usually receives 50 percent or less. If you deposit a car of 100,000 euros, you can get around 50,000 euros. One of the reasons for the high discount is storage costs. There is also a risk that an auction will result in an amount below the loan amount.

In the case of a pawn loan, the item submitted is considered collateral. The customer is not liable for his personal assets and is not in debt. If someone does not repay the loan or does not release his pledge, the object will be auctioned publicly. This only happens in ten percent of cases.

The pawnshop receives the proceeds from the auction – unless they achieve a higher sum than the borrower used, then he is entitled to this additional proceeds. The customer has two years to collect this excess. The state then collects the money. So it regulates the state pawnbroker regulation of 1961.

Pawnbrokers have also been offering their services online for some time, such as Valendo, OnlinePfand, or Deutsche Pfandkredit AG. The conditions are comparable to those of classic houses. The main difference: The money is usually only transferred when the items have been checked by an expert in the pawnshop. Customers inquire about the network and get an offer. If there is an agreement, then the pawnbroker can collect the object of value.

The unbureaucratic loan option has its price. One percent interest accrues monthly, plus fees. These are laid down in the pawn loan regulation up to a loan amount of 300 euros. The fees are freely agreed for higher sums. Even if it doesn’t look like it at the beginning because of the small sums, lending an object is an expensive matter. Extrapolated over the year, this could result in an effective interest rate of more than 40 percent.

Another risk factor is the one-time fee that consumers have to negotiate with the pawnshop. The procedure is therefore only intended for short-term liquidity procurement. If you need money in the long term, you should choose other loan options.

Customers should only borrow as much as they really need. They should also keep the term of the pawn loan agreement short – this can limit the cost of the loan. Three months plus a one-month waiting period are usual. Within this period, customers can redeem the object of value at any time by repaying the loan, interest, and fees.

Most of the time contracts include an extension option. There is no official maximum term. It is advisable to compare the offers of several pawnshops before closing and taking the valuation of the item into account in addition to the fees.

The pawnshops do not have to inform their customers about due dates. So if you want to have your family silver or your company car back, you should pay attention to the trigger dates, advise consumer advocates and pawnshops – otherwise things will go under the hammer at auction.

Precious Stones: A Financial Support or a Misfortune of Wealth

What are precious metals? They are famous jewels and gems that are directly connected with death and destructions. Way back on the ancient history, various stories about kings suffering from agony, endless battles, and ruined luck of thrones are all intertwined with those precious metals. As time goes and gearing towards the technological era, luck and misfortunes like career failures, broken marriage, and business bankruptcies are still connected with the sparkle of each famous metals and gems. Most of the precious gems aficionados always believed on the fortune entailed by those gems and do not even need the help of bankruptcy lawyer San Diego.

However, even if there are precious stones that have always been linked with misfortune, some of the dark side of the stories are almost relatively fabricated. Yet, these stories still provide fascination to most precious stone lovers. Moreover, believe it or not, numbers of folklores regarding the idea of a curse are widely present. Thus, some tales might also have hidden lessons behind those dark stories. 

Precious Stone: A Luck or Misfortune

Here is an example of a famous gem that may either be of assistance to your needs, or at some point, may cause bad luck if not used properly.

Hope Diamond

Famously known as the “cursed gem”, evidence shows that the stone was a portion or a misnomer of the French Blue. Moreover, there are proofs that the Hope Diamond stone was founded by King George IV. Yet, this stone sold right after he died in order to repay his debts. Further, the new stone owner knew the target market for an expensive gem like the Hope Diamond which was limited.

Luckily, he had been successful prior to getting the expensive gem for sale. Initially, the buyer refused to buy because did not like the setting of the Hope Diamond. Yet, the owner changed the design, thus making the buyer changed his mind. The buyer was intrigued about the precious stone’s story than to be alarmed about it. Starting that time, the buyer felt that the cursed gem was his lucky charm.

Generally, the selling point’s idea of the gem is its curse.

For about years, things were going well for the new owner. Yet, after years of fortune, things began to go down the road. Car accident happened causing the death of the first-born son. The fortune had been cut-off making the family business went bankrupt. A year after, the gem stone owner died. Her gem stone collection was sold in order to pay off her debts of estate. 

What are precious metals?

Precious metals are rare and therefore valuable raw materials. They differ from other base metals in that they do not corrode or only very slowly corrode in the air – even hydrochloric acid does not attack precious metals. So they are relatively insensitive and for this reason they were used in ancient times to make coins and jewelry. Today, precious metals are used worldwide for processing in many areas of industry, technology and medicine and are also traded as an investment.

Which Precious Metals Are There?

In the physical sense, precious metals only include gold, silver, and copper. The electronic band structure of the metals is used to classify them as noble metals: Precious metals have completely filled d-bands, which contribute little to reactivity and not at all to conductivity. For example, this does not apply to platinum; Classically, however, the platinum metals platinum, osmium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium are also classed as noble metals. Even mercury is sometimes referred to as a precious metal; however, this is controversial since it is more reactive than the other precious metals in many ways.

Which precious metals are best suited for investment?

With the exception of mercury, all of the precious metals mentioned are suitable as investment metals. However, they offer different levels of development potential. Mercury is liquid at room temperature and also toxic, which is why it is not available in the typical bar and coin forms and is also not traded as an investment.

  • The precious metals platinum, gold, silver and, to a lesser extent, copper are traded as investments.
  • All precious metals are available in physical form as bars and coins (copper: bars and granules) and as securities (ETFs).
  • Gold is primarily traded as an investment metal, other precious metals are needed and processed in many areas by technology and industry.
  • The price development of gold as an investment metal is roughly countercyclical to the global economy, the price development of the remaining precious metals as industrial raw materials roughly reflects the economy.

Sell-Offs Spur Precious Metal Swap

Prices of precious metal commodities particularly gold, are rising in the wake of the week-long continuing massive stock sell offs. Financial analysts predict the rise will carry on since the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed there are now cases of person-to-person transmission of the Covid-19 in the U.S.

Stock investors’ fears are not unfounded, since the CDC includes businesses in the calls for preparations.

Commercial establishments, hotels and other rented facilities must undertake necessary actions to keep their spaces sanitized and their employees properly trained about hygiene and emergency responses. Landlords who own multi-family housing facilities should seek assistance from rental homes property management professionals.

In facilities where diverse groups of people crowd, converge or live and come in close contact via shared spaces like toilets, bathrooms and elevators, the application of risk management procedures can help minimize, if not prevent the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Financial market investors on the other hand, are taking the CDC newsfeed seriously. As a precautionary measure, they have turned to precious metals as a way of managing investment risks. Since some have not taken this route before, those planning to do so, are now seeking information on how to best invest in precious metal commodities like gold and silver.

Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metal investors have three options:

1. Buy the metal in its physical form, usually gold bars, or gold and silver coins;

2. Buy shares of an exchange-traded-fund or ETFs based on the price of the metal commodity

3. Enter into a futures contract that locks in the price of metal that an investor commits to buy in an agreed future time.

Although all three options may seem straightforward, each of those options have inherent characteristics that also make them risky.

Main Risks of Buying a Physical Commodity

The first of the concerns that must be considered before investing in physical gold or silver, is the trustworthiness of the dealer, especially if the purchase will be conducted through online trading facilities. A physical asset investor must be savvy enough to know and to ensure that he or she is buying genuine high-grade gold or silver.

Safekeeping is another issue, since they are physical assets in the form of bars or coins that can be stolen. To minimize risks, a separate insurance coverage for the physical asset is a necessity.

Be in the know that liquidity can be an issue, which means converting the precious metal into cash depends on the availability of buyers willing to buy the commodity, based on the price offered.

Risk of Investing on ETF Shares

In this type of investment, one does not get to own a physical asset, but only a share of a precious metal investment undertaken by a financial institution. The risk often associated with this type of investment is the “counterparty risk.” Such risk becomes a reality when the other party, which is the financial institution, defaults or fails to deliver the value promised as return on the shared ETF investment.

Risk of Investing in Future Contracts

Although this type of investment is less risky than the shared ETF investment. newbies should consider investing in gold and silver futures only if they are knowledgeable in hedging and leveraging fund investments. Mainly because, even a slight drop in the price of the precious metal, can impact their ability to sell the commodity at a price, higher than the amount they paid for via the futures contract.

Ways of Investing to Gold and Other Precious Metals

Belonging to the loop of being the most durable investments due to their rareness, precious metals value are really high. One of the best example is gold which is really valuable since time immemorial. Individuals who are trying to conserve their wealth find to put their money on this precious metal as the wise option. Gold is often categorized as inflation hedge making the opportunities for high returns during uncertainty and economic crisis. That’s why it is important to know how and when you should invest into gold.

Other precious metals like the silver and platinum, for example have other applications and unique features on the industrial aspect. This makes both metals more cyclical compared to gold. A very straightforward approach is the best way to invest in these metals via the stock market. This is a direct investment in which trading in the commodities market is a requirement which is much more complicated.

Buying the actual precious metals such as the gold  silver, and platinum is the simplest method of direct investment, yet one possible problem might be the storage.

Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is similar with investing in weed stocks. In weed industry, Stocktrades has ranked the top pot stocks in Canada. To do this in precious metals market, here are ways on how to invest successfully in those items.

Traditional Brokerage Accounts

Through this method, you need to determine which precious metals you are going to invest in to. Aside from gold, which is the most common option, there is the platinum, silver, and palladium. Keep in mind that each metals has unique factors that affect them in physical and psychological manners. Select the appropriate investment vehicle based on your situation.

ETF or the exchange-traded fund is best for the direct investment method in precious metals. Aside from that, mutual fund is also an investment method to choose from. However, it is not operated using ETFs. Fund’s bylaws are the ones controlling the mutual fund capital but not as strict as that of the ETF.

Commodity Futures Account

Understand the ways in trading through futures because this is far more different than the trading stocks. This investment method is generally an option than security. The contract for a futures account shows a trade that is ensured in the future. In this case, both the buyer and the seller agree on a specific date and price in advance.

How and When You should Invest in Gold?

Silver and gold are both precious metals that command high value in the market. Even in this modern time, precious metals have a special place among investor’s portfolio. But the question is, between these precious metals, which is the more preferred option for investing purposes?

As a matter of fact, there are various ways that can be done to buy precious metals similar to:

  • Silver
  • Gold and
  • Platinum

At the same time, there are countless of reasons why you must jump to the thousands of investors who are investing in such. Say that you’re getting started to precious metal investment, then you better keep reading to be able to expand your knowledge on how they work and ways that you could invest in them.

The Champ

Let us get started with Gold, which is deemed to be the king when it comes to precious metals. Gold is truly one-of-a-kind primarily because of its durability. Few of its remarkable features include:

  • Unparalleled durability
  • Malleability
  • Ability to conduct electricity and heat

It additionally has industrial applications in the field of electronics and dentistry. But what many of us know about it is being jewelry and form of currency.

Its value is being set by the market 24/7. Gold trades predominantly as function of sentiment. The price of such is being affected by supply and demand. This is due to the reason that new mine supplies are vast and it is gradually outweighing the size of aboveground, hoarded gold.

Simply speaking, whenever hoarders feel to sell their gold, it drops the price for it. When they like to buy, then new supply is fast to absorb causing the prices of gold to shoot up. Having said that, if you are planning to invest in gold, especially using the money you can get from, you have to watch for market movement on when suppliers are about to sell.

When to make a Purchase?

There are few observable aspects that you can take into account by the time you have decided to buy gold. Let us discuss them below:

Number 1. Systematic Financial Concerns – whenever money and banks are forecasted to be unstable and/or there’s questionable political stability, gold has been considered as safe store of value.

Number 2. Inflation – when rates of return in bond, real estate or equity are poor, it often makes people to seek gold as asset that’ll keep its value.

How To Convert Your Precious Gold To Ready Cash

Gold continues to be seen as the most lucrative investment. Many people have gold in various forms at home and do not know how to sell it. An instruction. If you want to convert your precious gold to money, you have several options. On top of precious metal traders, there are also many online traders who are committed to buying gold.

Follow the steps below to get the best price out of your precious metals.

Find out what is the gold content of your items

The more precise the gold content of the item, the easier it is to get a good sales price. The value of gold bars and coins is generally straightforward and clear. However, when it comes to jewelry, checking the engravings are helpful. Typical gold parts are 333, 585 and 750, each of which roughly denotes the weight part in parts per thousand.

Use comparison portals

The first overview of current purchase prices for common bars and coins is available on price comparison portals. The items can be sold there without any major risk.

Purchase prices for old gold can also be found on comparison portals. For the query, however, the gold content in the piece of jewelry must be known. In addition, it can do no harm to obtain price information from the local dealer. A price of around 20 euros per gram can be obtained for 585 old gold.

Consult with the expert

If the gold content is not shown or the engraving has become illegible over the years, it becomes more difficult to determine exact gold content. Usually, the only thing left to do is go to a specialist to have the fine gold content of the valuable object determined. Depending on the effort involved, testing, certification and melting down can cost up to 15 percent of the gold value. This is not a little, but in many cases, it can hardly be avoided.

Selling online or at a trusted precious metal dealer?

Whether an online platform or established precious metal trader, where you should sell your gold depends on the item. Bars and coins, for example, have a fixed gold content and can, therefore, be sold relatively risk-free on the Internet. Trustworthy online buyers are often a member of the professional association of the German coin trade and offer a pick-up service for the goods. But be careful: the costs for this vary greatly from retailer to retailer. Therefore, gold owners should definitely keep an eye on the total price.

However, there are no standardized gold values ​​for jewelry and medals. Therefore, gold sellers should run on two tracks and get prices online as well as from a larger resident precious metal trader. However, the local trader may apply discounts because he has to pass on the gold to melt it down.

Selling gold tax-free

In some instances, the sale of old gold does not even have to be taxed. The decisive factor is how long the item is going to be sold and that the sale does not exceed the exemption limit from private sale transactions. However, this is quickly reached with 600 euros. The proceeds from a flea market sale and a standard gold coin can be too much within a year to be tax-free.

If you want to save your gold and considering other alternatives to get cash, you want to consider quick cash loans from New Horizons. Quick loans are dependable to bridge the gap in your finances.

Famous Quotes About Precious Metals

Continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have meaning.