As Norway’s economy was hit by COVID-19, the Norwegian government wants to step up with the programs set for the resumption of the Nussire mining project.

According to reports, the Norwegian government wants to resume the Nussir copper mining project that was supposed to have started in early 2020; but was stalled by the COVID-19 outbreak. Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland of the Regional Development and Digitalisation emphasized that the issuance of a permit for copper mining in Kvalsund, presents job opportunities for more Norwegians in the region; considering that the COVID-19 crisis had increased the country’s unemployment rate.

Challenges Faced by the Nussir Copper Mining Project

Preparations for the construction of Nussir ASA’s Kvalsund mining site were made prior to the pandemic. If operations are to continue, the copper mining industry has to adopt to the emerging demands and limitations presented by the still ongoing pandemic. Certain conditions must be met to address concerns about the possibility of triggering a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Mainly to avoid furthering the negative impact that the crisis had dealt to the country’s economy.

Moreover, the Nussir ASA mining project continues to face opposition from the Sámi Parliament, which now questions the potential profitability of the project. After all, economic uncertainties affecting the local and global markets have resulted in the instability of copper prices. Furthermore, the Sámi people is criticizing the minister’s justification in violating environmental laws and the rights of indigenous people in the Repparfjord region, where the Kvalsund village is located.

Nussir Copper Mine’s Relevance to Norway’s Green Shift

The Norwegian government also highlights the importance of the Nussir copper mining project in relation to the country’s green shift initiatives, particularly in the manufacture of electric vehicles. The realization of a nationwide shift to green vehicles is highly dependent on the increased supply of copper and various metals.

Yet the health hazards posed by the COVID-19 continues to derail the Nussir mining project and there is no telling for how long the government can withstand the pressure being mounted by those who oppose the Kvalsund mining operation.

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Post Author: Jaida Rich