What are precious metals? They are famous jewels and gems that are directly connected with death and destructions. Way back on the ancient history, various stories about kings suffering from agony, endless battles, and ruined luck of thrones are all intertwined with those precious metals. As time goes and gearing towards the technological era, luck and misfortunes like career failures, broken marriage, and business bankruptcies are still connected with the sparkle of each famous metals and gems. Most of the precious gems aficionados always believed on the fortune entailed by those gems and do not even need the help of bankruptcy lawyer San Diego.

However, even if there are precious stones that have always been linked with misfortune, some of the dark side of the stories are almost relatively fabricated. Yet, these stories still provide fascination to most precious stone lovers. Moreover, believe it or not, numbers of folklores regarding the idea of a curse are widely present. Thus, some tales might also have hidden lessons behind those dark stories. 

Precious Stone: A Luck or Misfortune

Here is an example of a famous gem that may either be of assistance to your needs, or at some point, may cause bad luck if not used properly.

Hope Diamond

Famously known as the “cursed gem”, evidence shows that the stone was a portion or a misnomer of the French Blue. Moreover, there are proofs that the Hope Diamond stone was founded by King George IV. Yet, this stone sold right after he died in order to repay his debts. Further, the new stone owner knew the target market for an expensive gem like the Hope Diamond which was limited.

Luckily, he had been successful prior to getting the expensive gem for sale. Initially, the buyer refused to buy because did not like the setting of the Hope Diamond. Yet, the owner changed the design, thus making the buyer changed his mind. The buyer was intrigued about the precious stone’s story than to be alarmed about it. Starting that time, the buyer felt that the cursed gem was his lucky charm.

Generally, the selling point’s idea of the gem is its curse.

For about years, things were going well for the new owner. Yet, after years of fortune, things began to go down the road. Car accident happened causing the death of the first-born son. The fortune had been cut-off making the family business went bankrupt. A year after, the gem stone owner died. Her gem stone collection was sold in order to pay off her debts of estate. 

Post Author: Janele Aretha