Gold is the oldest investment in the world.

Why heating repair business must buy gold?

It determines which gold investment suits you best. Some see the precious metal as a safe haven in times of crisis. Other people see it as a protection against inflation and devaluation. Still others want to benefit in the long term from the return opportunities. And finally, there are investors who only focus on speculative motives.

How to buy gold?

There are basically three ways heating repair businesses can invest their money in gold. First, you buy physical gold in the form of bars or coins. Secondly, you invest in listed securities, e.g.  gold ETCs or gold ETFs, which are based on gold. Third, they buy shares in gold miners.

How much gold to buy?

The rule of thumb is around 5 to 10 percent of all private financial assets should be invested in gold.

There is no fixed income, such as interest or dividends, on gold. In addition, the price of gold can fluctuate greatly.

How to store gold?

Gold bars and gold coins can be stored at home, in a bank safe deposit box, or in a gold dealer’s central vault. All storage types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gold is the most fun when it’s almost always within reach. However, you should definitely avoid hanging your pot of gold on the big bell.

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Why gold is a unique investment

Gold has held a tremendous fascination for people for thousands of years. The first gold coins were already in circulation in the area of ​​ancient Greece in the sixth century BC. Over time, the precious metal has gained a reputation as the ultimate store of value for wealth protection and gold prices have also been rising steadily over a long period of time.

Reasons to invest in gold

If you are looking for a crisis-proof investment, you cannot avoid this precious natural treasure. On the contrary, in times of crisis, the prices for the precious metal often rise.

Other motives for buying gold

  • Gold is a timeless asset
  • Generally, gold generally offers protection against inflation
  • Gold is considered a safe haven in times of crisis
  • Precious metal gold is a universal means of payment
  • Gold is an asset class with potential for returns
  • Gold contributes to the diversification and thus to the optimization of the portfolio

Many investors buy physical gold or gold securities because they want to participate in rising price developments and/or want to diversify their portfolio. So the motive behind this is to generate a return on sale. In China and India in particular, the demand for it is enormous.

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