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Pledging is the exchange of goods for money. You can lend (or pledge) multiple goods, of which gold is one of them. Similar to 24/7 payday cash advance loans, pledging allows anyone to borrow money but with gold as collateral. You usually do not have to provide an income statement for pledging. You do not pay any extra administration costs or closing commissions for these services.

On this page, you will find information about how the pledging of gold works, the costs associated with pledging, and which types and forms of gold you can all borrow.

Pledging gold, how does it work?

Did you know that you can borrow money with gold as collateral? Curious about how this works? Pledging gold means that you offer your gold as collateral in exchange for an amount. The first step for pledging gold starts with the gold valuation. An accredited appraiser appraises your gold and gives advice on the amount for which you can lend it. Do you agree with this? Then you will receive this amount directly in cash or from the bank, of course, you choose this yourself. After the agreement, the appraiser will make a pledge, or a deed of pledge, containing all relevant information about your pledge. On the deed of pledge, you will find, among other things, the date of the pledge, but also the amount. The minimum pledge period is three months and after three months it is possible to collect the gold, which you have lent to us. When picking up the pledge, do not forget to bring the pledge. Would you rather wait a little longer? Then you can extend the pledge period by three additional months.

Why pledge gold?

You can pledge many different types of goods. Gold is a good example of this as it represents a lot of value. So you often receive a nice amount when you decide to pledge your gold. Of course, you can also pledge gold in, for example, the form of jewelry. Think of gold rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Also, gold is easy to carry because it does not take up too much space. This ensures that gold is one of the objects that is often pledged.

What kind of gold can I pledge?

There are many different types of gold that you can pledge. Because there are many different types and forms of gold, you will receive a different amount for each type, because the value differs in this. This is partly due to the weight, the purity, and possibly the collector’s value that has arisen.


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Gold can be divided into the following purities:

  • 24 carat (99.9% pure)
  • 22 carat (91.6% pure)
  • 20 carat (83.3% pure)
  • 18 carat (75.0% pure)
  • 14 carat (58.5% pure)
  • 8 carat (33.3% pure)

Types of gold you can pledge are:

  • Golden bars;
  • Gold coins;
  • Gold watches;
  • Gold jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other gold jewelry;
  • Antique gold;
  • Tooth gold;
  • Gold cutlery;
  • Other forms of gold.
  • pawning gold rings

What are the costs of pledging gold?

When you decide to pledge your gold, there are costs involved. This is 4.5% of the amount you have lent your gold for (per month). The typical pledge term is 3 months so after 3 months you can buy back your goods for the amount for which you pledged your gold, plus the interest. Would you like more information about the valuation of your gold?

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