No capital investment occurs without risks. Investments in start-ups are not free of risks and possible losses. Therefore, it is important to plan thoroughly to reduce possible risks.

RTA cabinets and precious metals: Start-up investments have these advantages

Strengthening the start-up

Your investment goes directly into your targeted start-up.

Let’s take shares for comparison. Here the purchase price of the share does not flow into the company with operational effect, but goes to the seller of the share and to the bank for commissions. With crowd investment, the start-up gets 100% of your investment.

Yield opportunities

You have the opportunity to generate a return. Either in the case of start-ups, for example, through a half-yearly interest payment or through an annual profit-sharing.

RTA cabinets

Investments in proven/new business models

Whether it is RTA cabinets or precious metals business, you can promote innovative new as well as long-established business models. It is better not to invest in business models that you do not understand. You will hardly understand a business model 100% in all its dimensions, but you shouldn’t get dozens of question marks.

For precious metals, it is better to know the basics about these items. This way, you can be sure that what you are buying is authentic. For cabinet making business, if you don’t know much about furniture business, hire staff who are expert regarding this field.

High degree of personal responsibility

When it comes to funds, this is completely different with start-up investments. You have complete responsibility for your finances. There are no custodians of your money. You make all decisions about buying and selling yourself and remain in control at all times.

Entrepreneurial participation

As a partner in the start-up, you will receive regular updates on the current status. How are the finances looking? How has sales developed? What new construction sites appeared on the horizon?

You can also help shape the company. Many start-ups and projects are open to your ideas and innovations. You become a co-entrepreneur and the company can become your new passion. And all this without you needing a big idea or having to take a big risk of founding a company.

Post Author: Janele Aretha