Pieces of jewelry made from precious metals and stones are valuable accessories. The favorite jewelry is often worn every day. Rings are often not removed when washing your hands and the small gold earrings with the delicate gemstones do not interfere while showering or sleeping. Although valuable jewelry made of gold or other precious metals is largely resistant to external influences, such jewelry also gets dirty over time. In the fine goldsmith’s work, flakes of skin and residues from cleaning and care products such as soap and cream are deposited. Some precious metals also have the property of discoloring over time. You would be amazed at the effect professional cleaning can have. Old jewelry shines like new again after being cleaned by a jeweler. But there are a few things you can do to keep your precious jewelry shiny and clean.

Old jewelry in a brand new shine

Valuable jewelry needs to be treated particularly well. In addition to cleaning and care, the correct storage of jewelry also plays an important role. You can easily clean gold and platinum jewelry yourself by soaking the jewelry in warm water with a little washing-up liquid or liquid soap. The jewelry is then simply rinsed under lukewarm, running water and dabbed with a clean, dry cotton cloth. You can create an even more intense shine if you dab it dry and polish with a cloth made of deerskin. Wool, on the other hand, has the disadvantage that fine fibers can get caught in the delicate goldsmith’s work. If it is only lightly soiled, regular cleaning as described is sufficient to keep your jewelry clean and shiny for a long time.

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Jewelry must be stored carefully

Fine jewelry must be carefully stored, not just for safety reasons. The jewelry box was not invented for nothing. For jewelry made of gold, other precious metals, precious stones and pearls, it is best to keep it dark and of course dry. Jewelry studded with pearls in particular needs a padded box so that the pearls do not scratch. As a makeshift, pearls can also be wrapped in a velvet cloth. All high-quality jewelry should be kept in specially made boxes with padding and various compartments. An exception is massive silver jewelry, which feels quite comfortable in sealed plastic bags.

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