Platinum is the most precious metal on earth. It has been worth more than gold. It is commonly used in electronics and in the chemical industry. This precious metal has a very high density which is 8.5 percent more than gold. Platinum does not oxidize even when heated in extreme temperatures. Platinum is also used as a decorative property as well as a catalyst in the chemical industry since platinum is a very soft metal. The property of platinum as a catalyst is used in many processes.






Here are some ways of how the property of platinum as a catalyst is used:

  • It increases the octane number in gasoline.
  • It is used in the production of margarine by separating the hydrogen and vegetable oil.
  • Metal organic compounds of platinum are used to control cancerous tumors
  • Organic compounds of platinum are commonly used as a part of the magnetic layer in hard drives.

Platinum is indeed a very good investment!

Post Author: Janele Aretha